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Acrylic trowel coating is an acrylic bound textured coating designed to be trowelled to give smooth, fine textures up to rough coarse raked finishes. After initial application the surface is worked to give various patterns of exceptional beauty and strength.








Acrylic trowel coating exhibits excellent durability and colour retention under all climatic conditions. A minimum protective and decorative service life of 10 -25 years depending on coating thickness is provided.






Acrylic trowel coating is available in fine and course grades in practically unlimited range of full colour pastel shades.
Being as acrylic, it can be tinted like paint.


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Biological Resistance:
Excellent long life resistance to attack from bacteria and fungi is provided. This product being a water based acrylic system offers safe handling and toxicity properties.






One coat for full weather protection. Acrylic trowel coating protects and decorates interior and exterior walls and ceilings, balustrades, columns and infill panels as well as entrances and lobbies. Acrylic trowel coating is suitable for use over plaster, brick, cement blocks, asbestos and cement render.


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Scratch Coat







Fire Resistance:
The coating when subjected to the Early Fire Hazard Test (Australian Standard AS 1530 Part 3, 1976) meets the strictest standards.




Reasons for Acrylic trowel coating:
Acrylic trowel coating allows a smoother heavy duty finish ideal for heavy traffic areas. The "flatness" of the surface prevents scuffing and is able to withstand hard knocks. Such properties make Acrylic trowel coating perfectly suited to stairwells and exposed wall areas. A one coat application offers the architect and builder a long life heavy duty coating, which adds a bold appearance to large lifeless structures.







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Water Resistance:
The coating even at exceptionally high build is formulated with a water vapour permeability factor to allow water vapour from the substance to leave unhindered, but the coating film forms a barrier to external moisture. The coating is impervious to rain and moisture.






Colour Retention:
Acrylic trowel coating is pigmented throughout the film thickness with natural earth colours or light fast pigments. The coating containing these pigments exhibits excellent colour retention and durability.

There is over 1,100 colours to choose from, all with a manufacturer's guarantee.


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